A Proven Method for Reducing Facial Wrinkles

As people age, their skin begins to change. Wrinkles appear where there were none just years before, and the constant downward pull of gravity begins to take its toll. Unfortunately, the aging process is irreversible. Looking younger, though, is easy.

Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of over the counter products available, and not all of them work. In fact, the vast majority of wrinkle creams and miracle cures are actually a complete waste of money. Cosmetics companies know that no one wants to look their age, and they often take advantage of this fact. Before purchasing any kind of supposedly skin rejuvenating product it’s best to ask a professional cosmetic dermatologist or other specialist whether or not the products work.

Those that don’t want to waste time and money on ineffective products, but do want to look their best and keep their skin looking young, are much better off scheduling a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons do more than just perform invasive procedures such as face lifts. They can also administer Botox and other non-invasive solutions. These solutions have been around for decades, making them much more trustworthy than the fad wrinkle cream of the day.

In addition to being proven effective, Botox treatments work almost instantly. Any side effects at the injection site should be gone within an hour at most, and for most patients there is little to no additional recovery time. It takes only a few days to begin to take effect, and provides long-lasting results. Those who are not specifically trained to administer facial injections may, however, leave their patients with unwanted temporary bruising. For this reason it’s best to only trust a licensed and certified doctor.

Some patients may be nervous about scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon, but with facial injections there is no need to go under the knife. Scheduling a consultation will also allow patients to discuss other options with their cosmetic surgeons, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of their advanced knowledge. Interested in learning more about Botox? Check out the ultimate guide to youthful skin online and give it a read for more comprehensive advice and information.