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Planning To Fly With Medical Marijuana Soon? Read This First

Most people that use medical cannabis always wonder whether there will be issues if they carried it along when flying. The truth is that this is no ordinary prescription and no wonder there is a lot of debate when traveling with cannabis medication. Talked about in this article are useful guidelines for anyone planning to fly with medical marijuana.

First and foremost, you need to carry your medical documentation with you. On no account should you leave this at home not unless you are willing to have an uphill task elaborating that what you have is medical cannabis. It would be prudent to obtain another one probably from an online dispensary Canada offers its patients today in the event that the one you had got lost. You can be sure that no one will be breathing down your neck should you have medical documentation while at the airport.

You need to also notify the screening staff that there is some medical marijuana with you beforehand. Some people think it is better for the screening team to figure this out on their own but this is in bad taste as it could end up in intensive searches that can even cause you to miss the flight. The best way to keep this kind of trouble at bay is ensuring that you notify the relevant people early enough.

Despite being frank of what you are carrying is medicinal marijuana, this does not mean that you are exempt from a search. A police officer requesting to check your luggage should therefore come as no surprise. This is because the law still classifies marijuana as a controlled drug and thus they have to do a checkup just to be sure that you do not carry an excess.

Experts advice that this kind of a search means that you can at times expect some delay. This does not mean that you will be stuck at the airport for the entire day as all it takes is about half an hour to be over with this on condition that you are not in violation of the law. Like we had mentioned before, avoid instances of delay by informing them that medical marijuana is part of what you are carrying. It is along these lines that it would be wise to arrive earlier so as to get this over with the earliest possible.

According to research, medical marijuana is loaded with health benefits. The authorities however cannot relax on the stipulated guidelines under the law as they wouldn’t want the law violated. Next time you will be taking a flight, it would be good to keep the aforesaid guidelines in mind to avoid any inconveniences.